Solid conversion and feels good with the wiimote, however it's a missed opportunity overall.

User Rating: 6.5 | The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return WII
I am a fan of the original games, i have House of the dead 1(pc), 2(dreamcast-with gun) and 3(pc) so i know exactly what to compare this port with. As ports go, house of the dead 2 and 3 return is a solid conversion the graphics are identical to there respective versions and even house of the dead 3 runs well with only minor slow down every now and then.

The main point of these games is to kill lots of zombies and have fun doing so, it's here that the wiimote shines, it's darn accurate and you can tinker with your aim till you find just the right refinement that suits you.

Whilst the main games will take a few hours each to master there are a few extra modes within each to add a bit of longevity, but you have to enjoy the base of what is on offer inorder to want to play the extra modes. I always considerd House of the dead an acquired taste and simple ports don't really do these games any favours for gaining new fans, if you liked the originals then you'll enjoy this. As a fan the mot glaring problem with this game is it's lack of House of the dead 1. apparently it was not graphically viable(ie the graphics were not good enough), i strongly disagree as the main point is the gun totting action not the graphics, if graphics were the main concern then house of the dead should have been upgraded.

Overall the game will provide a fun few hours of zombie killing action but fans or anyone looking for innovation will be disapointed. it is an incomplete package that could have done with more time devoted to it either adding new ways to play the games, extra content or a complete overhaul(aswell as arcade perfect ports) similar to how capcom completley redid resident evil on the GC. More time and effort was needed. as a simple cash in Sega probably sold the same game to people who already had one or two of them(pointless and unproductive). I doubt this will have sold well which makes a port of House of the dead 4 even less likely, but to be honest, the developers need to try harder than simply porting old games to wii, yes it works but so did ghost squad which came out earlier and is a far superior package in terms of replay value and just fun(even this game has alot of untidy ideas in it aswell but at least more effort was made).

I enjoyed playing through this game again on the Wii, it is well suited to it but the developers missed an opportunity to actually make House of the dead truely 'return'.