Nostalgia... ah, the wonderful arcades of the 90s!

User Rating: 8 | The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return WII
This game rocks. Plain and simple. I was 6 when I first started playing in the arcades with my friends. it was 1998. I remember to this day the magic that the arcade room had. It was huge with 40 arcades. lights were always flashing, the room was full of noise and music. Those are my best videogame memories. And house of the dead 2&3 Return on the wii brought them back. If you used to love arcade rail shooters like me, you will find a lot to like in this game. If you are younger, and were brought up on ps2 fps or other modern games, you might not like this game. The graphics are the same as the 90s originals, as is the cheesy voice acting. however, i actually like the slightly bad narrative and blocky graphics... they give the game its charm. I actually find the old 90s graphics (house of the dead, Resident Evil 1-3) more scary than modern games. I dont know why. It must be the color pallet and distinct musical styles. The controls are great: they are easy and simple. just aim the wii mote and shoot. All one must do to reload is point the wii mote away from the tv. You will feel like you are back playing in the arcade. It is short, but it is balanced out by the difficulty. you can choose 1-9 credits (lives), but there are no savepoints or checkpoints, you must beat the game with those lives. it is good old fashioned challenge. it has tons of great options, such as what your aiming recticle looks like, or you can even get rid of a recticle all together and play it true arcade style. some say the 1-3 hour length is to short, but i can play my favorite arcade shooters again and again no matter how many times I win. It also has great multiplayer. overall, if you have fond memories of 90s arcades, buy it! if not, rent it and see first.