User Rating: 9 | The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return WII
If you are a lover of the house of the dead acrade series, then this IS the game for you. This game will provide hours of addicting zombie slaying at HOME, so what more can you ask for. The controling of this game is great with just the wii remote alone and even better with the zapper.Story line is exactly as you remember in the arcade and the multiplayer is a blast! Only thing that could of been a bit diffrent is when you go thrue your lives have to start over at the FIRST level, so can be a bit tediouse.Also the graphics have not come that far for this classic, but for the wii cant expect too much. Having both games for the price of just $29.99 is well worth the bargin, and if a huge fan of this series as i am the game will pay its self off in quarters being used at the arcade for hours of play. Could of done more also and possibly put the original house of the dead on there too but guess can not win them all. Otherwise no complaints about this increadable game. Highly recomended for ANY fan of this arcade classic!