Utterly terrible

User Rating: 1.3 | The Hobbit PS2
The Hobbit, you instantly think Lord of the Rings, but this is nothing like what EA made. The company that made this game was ether really lazy or had absolutely no idea what they were doing. The graphics are awful. You could find better on the DreamCast or a late N64 title. The Gameplay is terrible. All you really have to do is wack things with your stick til it dies, there really isn't any need for the sword. The level design makes you feel like you're in Rayman 2, only worse. If you're not wacking things with your stick, you'll be jumping and climbing over a rediculously bad and undetailed landscape. You will die in this game, again, and again, and again, until you decide that you don't care if you loose your place. It's just that frustrating. The sound is bad too. It's as if they just took sounds from old playstation and N64 games for the sound effects and got some guy off the street to come in and do the fuzzy and not to mention crappy voice acting. Overall, this game is just plain crap. Don't buy it, don't rent it, don't borrow it, don't even smell it. Just sit down with the book and read that. I'll guarentee, it's more fun than this piece of junk.