very fun, despite some issues

User Rating: 7.5 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided PS2
History Channel: Civil War is worth playing if you want to play something that's a little different. The levels are fun to play and you can fight as both the union and confederates. the graphics are somewhat below average and also the weapons take about 3-5 seconds to reload which gets kinda annoying. the weapons in the game involve muskets, henry rifle, sabres, knives, colt pistols and other historical weaponry. it's also very short but there's quite a bit of replay once you get into it. any civil war nut should definitely give this game a shot. i reccomend it to those who don't mind fuzzy visuals or minor framerate problems because Civil War is an exciting, but short fps that may challenge you at some points. It has what a basic shooter needs; just some good old shooting action. There may be a few flaws here and there but overall, this is a cheap, easy to find little game that will not disappoint.