Good game, for low price

User Rating: 8 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided X360
I Got this game because i am a lover of history and the civil war. It was only $14 where i live so i wasn't thinking it was going to be a game that was going to blow my mind. But in fact, It was well worth the money.
The bad:
-They can shoot thru things.(ITs annoying at first but after awhile i just thougth to myself - most of the things you hide behind are wood/hoes in it. which makes it easy to shoot thru,)
- Short.

There you go, only bad things the game has. really good for a low priced game.

-Feels good to play the south!
-Nice looking guns to play around with
-fighting head to head is often required(guns take awhile to load)
-chessy, yet funny voice overs
-Teaches some history in between battles.
-You dont feel alone like you do in most ww2 games(where there is never anyone helping you! its like you fought ww2 on your own besides the few guys you like to get killed haha.)

I believe the could have made some changes. Such as make the battles bigger, harder, more "WE GOT TO HOLD THE LINE" kinda thing. Could have been better as wise n history - when you play the south, you dont seem to be out #ed which was the case in 90% of the battles during the civil war. When you play the north - you seemed out #ed. which is weird.

But for what the game was worth - its very good an worth the money. I wish everyone would get off their high horse and look at the game before talking trash about the game. i mean its a freaking $14 dollor game! What did you think you were going to get out of it?