A good FPS for those who want to go outside the usual cliché of WWII, Modren War, and Sci-Fi/Future Wars

User Rating: 7 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided PC
Having beaten this game awhile back I found it enjoyable. The graphics are decent and the gameplay is tight, although I did come across the occasional graphical bug. This game allows you to fight campaigns from the north or the south, and the muzzle loading weapons actually add more thrill and tension to the combat as you must decide to either load your rifle or charge your enemy in a melee attack before he ends you.

This game can be quite immersive with a great (although somewhat limited) soundtrack containing music from the motion picture "Glory" add to this effect. Although there are some historical inaccuracies (such as a Gatling Gun position on Little Round Top) they didn't distract me from enjoying the game.

If you are interested in the Civil War games and would like to play it from the perspective of a Union or Rebel grunt I would strongly suggest picking this up as well as its sequel Civil War: Secret Mission. You won't be disappointed.