I liked the game but it was a little to easy the last level is the best and also shiloh is fun too but

User Rating: 8.5 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided PC
This game is really fun but when they die they stand up and fall over also the game olny has like 13 missions so it would be better if there were more i kinda liked it. also there are bodies everywhere draped over fences on carriges you name it it gives a real life feel to it. the melle is way to easy you can own guys in one hit so its definitley not a 9 but and 8.5 will do. the best of the levels will have to be hsiloh or the last level its kind of confusing playing 2 diffrent sides though. also gettysburg is fun you get a sniper rifle and start picking guys off. at one part you get in a chain gun and mow people down. so its an over all good game way too short i dont think the 360 version is any better so i dont know if you would want that or not your choice. it also takes up a bunch of space.