No story or history whatsoever combined with awful AI and pointless run and gun missions ruin a fresh FPS concept. Sigh!

User Rating: 4.5 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided PS2
There are few people who like both history and video games. I'm one of them. And a game based upon the Civil War seemed like a cool concept for me, especially when we were studying the Civil War in school. And who would be better to make a history game than the History Channel itself? Quite frankly, anyone. Play this train wreck game and you will agree.

The game begins with pretty much no story and no history either. You simply begin running around and shoot at a few guys. You'll often find yourself getting shot dozens of times by invisible soldiers even when ducking behind a solid surface. Your reload time takes FOREVER, and shots will often be wasted when you shoot a guy in the head but he doesn't even flinch. So you might want to run up and whack 'em in the head with the end of your gun, however, it takes perfect aiming to get them directly in the head, because your guy is so retarded he can't simply stick the butt of a rifle into a person's face. You'll lose a ton of health if you go out in the open for a second- kind of like a pathetic version of Gears of War.

The graphics aren't exactly ugly, however they aren't exactly fun to look at either. In the actual war there were hundreds of men charging at each other, but you only see and kill around two dozen in each level. And for such a low population, you'd think they could make some somewhat more varied models too. You'll club the exact same old man 4 times per level. Also, the developers claim the game supports free exploration of the map, but it isn't linear at all. You'll move down one path and there are fences put up everywhere else. NOT realistic.

Also, the game is extremely short- about 3 hours long per campaign.

One thing good about the game is it's save feature. You can save where you are in a level, and restart at the very spot later, which is something special, considering that isn't common in games.

...But that simply doesn't help out this game. It's an absolute failure. A train wreck. I mean, it is fun to walk around and shoot people for a little bit, but that's all the game is worth. Only buy if it's in the bargain bin