History Channel: Civil War - An in depth review of an authentic Civil War FPS.

User Rating: 8.4 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided X360
History Channel: Civil War

Here is my first review of an Xbox360 game, or any other for that matter. I hope it goes over well and offers a small amount of insight into this game, and possibly assists in your decision to purchase it or not...

For a next gen game Civil War could have produced some better graphics for the masses to enjoy, but they fall short in this department. The frame rate tends to be steady through out the first player campaign but has it’s choppy moments in larger battle when a lot is going on, and the battlefield is filled with AI’s. All in all the games graphics deliver the Civil War to your television set, but Activision could have put in the extra effort to put the 360 graphics card into its own.

Graphics 7/10

The sound tends to make up where some of the graphics left off. The authentic sounds of the battlefield just pull you right into the war. The subtle sounds of reloading your single shot musket ans then letting the bullet fly just sounds, and therefore feels great. I’m sure that the history channels advisors had a hand in making sure that the authenticity of the games sound effects were done just right.

Sound 9/10

Onto the actual game play. History Channels Civil War delivers to those who want an authentic feeling Civil War game, or any game of the like for that matter. The story as you would call it is accurate to the extent that the History Channel could make it, if you could call it a “Story Line”. It’s more of a compilation of battles that took place in history, during the Civil War, put together to help deliver a fun, authentic, action packed experience. The overall length of the game leaves plenty to be desired as it is quite short compared to some other well known FPS’s. What is important here is whether or the game delivers a solid playing atmosphere in the time allotted. The answer is simple, yes. Though short it delivers that extra punch that is necessary to make a game in a long line of similar games stand out. I feel that the extra touch is given by the involvement of the History Channel. As a huge fan of the History Channel what could be better than transforming a collection of its Civil War documentation into a game? The 12 battles that you get to help re-enact just bring you to the battlefield of that era like no other game can. Further more, how cool is it to actually play out a History Channel show? Cause that’s what it feels like your getting to do here, be a part of a live action documentary that brings the Civil War into your living room. For those looking for the next new thing in next gen gaming and expecting to be blown away by a compilation of graphics that would rival virtual reality on the Star Ship Enterprise then this isn’t the game for you. If you are looking for a fun, recreation of the civil war, with good graphical interface, and a sense of realism, then this is the game for you. Enjoy...

Game 8.5/10