The Glory and Intensity of the History Channel: Civil War-A Nation Divided

User Rating: 8.1 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided X360
For the Xbox 360, The History Channel: Civil War -A Nation Divided by Activision is a worthy competitor to the numerous war games on consoles today. It seems that for too long WWII has dominated the market and it is time to explore a new war, one that is more immersive, challenging and closer to home, at least for us in the U. S. History Channel's Civil War -A Nation Divided delivers on an era of war that as far as I know has never been explored in a first-person shooter. Forget machine guns and arm yourself with a bayonet-tipped musket, a calvary saber and Colt revolver plus eight other authentic weapons, all with killer melee moves. I must say the game is not perfect, but it is fun to play. Certain game flaws include the sound which sometimes (rarely) does not match what is on the screen and also the various places in which one can take cover does not provide cover at all (this could be intentional by Activision). For too long fps have provided cover in games that in real life would not realistically provide cover. In Civil War-A Nation Divided if you hide behind something it may or may not provide cover (except for thick trees which always seems to be a good place to hide). The graphics are well done, but the 360 is capable of better. The graphics, particularly those which place you in a wooded area provide a breath of fresh air from the wearied and over used corridors of typical first-person shooters. The ability to play as both the North and the South will make gamers across the U.S. happy , no matter where you live. Finally to top it all off each level begins and ends with historically detailed facts played up in true History Channel style. For those of you who have ever seen such great Civil War movies such as "Glory " or "Gettysburg" you wil feel you have been placed on the frontlines when playing History Channel: Civil War- A Nation Divided and you will be completely immersed in a war that is just as intense as WW II first-person shooters or any war related fps for that matter.