Very underrated and a good buy at $20.

User Rating: 8 | The History Channel: Civil War - A Nation Divided X360
The History Channel's Civil War: A Nation Divided is a suitable game for the casual first person shooter fan who can get enough action. The game has enough blindly fun shooting action to turn out a few hours enjoyment for most fans of the genre.

The graphics are a bit dated for 2009 (they were hardly the best when the game came out in 2006) and the sound can get muffled at times. Though not the level of Call of Duty 4, the graphics represent a moderate level of quality.

The game's soley single player, so there's absolutely no multiplayer to be found or enjoyed.

The gameplay consists of slow firing guns that usually take forever to load. With missions from both the South and the American North, Civil War's plots include blowing up enemy munnitions, sabatouge, and the Civil War like. Gameplay can repetitive, but is generally fun for a little while.

At $20, most shooter gamers can find this a good deal.