it feels like i'm dancing real hip hop dance moves to real hip hop song

User Rating: 8.5 | The Hip Hop Dance Experience X360
i picked this up hoping to find something different that the candy coated dance games out there that feel like they are made for high schoolers - this one hit the spot. great track list and killer dance moves - the hardest level is truly hard but easy and medium will keep me entertained for a while.
i don't feel this is a kid's game but a game for me. its a game where i can jump right in and start dancing and start learning new moves right away.
I like that this game is focused on Hip Hop and it's play list isn't all-over-the-place.
The game effects are great and seem to react to how well (or more often, how poorly) i'm playing.
I only wish there was more tracks - there are 40 but i feel like it should be 50 or more.
I love the marathon mode which allows you to play continuously until you just can't play anymore; this is a great work out and i'd like to believe, it's helping me improve my overall dance skills.
This feels like a hip hop game should feel.