The Harvest Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Anti-Venom (10)
    You have destroyed the second Boss - Enki. Arachnocide (10)
    Your stealth skills are unsurpassed. Asp Wind (5)
    If you want something done right, get the GDF to do it. Completionist (15)
    You are a destructive force of nature. Destructive Force (15)
    You left them speechless, and dead. Falcon EMP (5)
    The Harvesters can run, but they can not hide from you. Great Explorer (15)
    You are untouchable. Juggernaut (15)
    It's all or nothing for you! Juiced Up (5)
    You have got style! Kitted Out (10)
    You are our GDF's most decorated hero. Level UP (10)
    You have earned our army's complete trust. Loyalty (15)
    You know how to use your special abilities under pressure! Multitool (5)
    They better get out of the way of "The Scarab Express"! Scarab Express (5)
    Shutdown (10)
    You know your talents. Specialist (10)
    You are like greased lightning. Speed Run (15)
    No prison can hold you. Survivor (5)
    You have destroyed the third Boss - Kingu. Trashman (10)
    This one is for all our fallen soldiers. War Journal (10)

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

The Harvest Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Destroy the Area 2 boss - Enki Arachnocide
    Attack 3 enemies with Wind Walk activated Asp Wind
    Complete the game with all 5 character classes Completionist
    Use the EMP to freeze 3 enemies at once Falcon EMP
    Hit 3 enemies at once with a Condor Mine Good Timing
    Escape from the crash site bunker Great Escape
    Complete the game without dying Juggernaut
    Collect 1000 energy points from your fallen foes Juiced Up
    Kill 100 Enemies Killing Machine
    Reach XP level 10 Level Up
    Hit 3 enemies at once with the line laser as Raptor Line Them Up
    Collect 10000 Plasma Plasma Battery
    Use the Speed Boost to hit 3 enemies at once Scarab Express
    Destroy the final boss Shutdown
    Increase one of your basic stats to 50 Specialist
    Complete the game in 4 hours or less Speed Run
    Destroy the Area 3 boss - Kingu Trashman
    Collect all 10 BB-7 Recorders War Journal

    Contributed by: Guard Master