Ambitious but a long way to go.

User Rating: 8 | The Guild 2 PC
Starts well but then difficulties get snoring in.What is commendable is the concept yet a simulation of life is great and the first in its series that I find interesting.
If anyone asks me about its content it is good but becomes difficult to control your clan member after some round but I enjoyed it in spite of some irregularities and some flaws.The patches are definitely worth trying.Graphics is good and having played it on PC i found it worth saying you can adjust it as per your machine requirement,and if your machine is not from old age it will run although some graphics need to be sacrificed then.
Venice has also been great although I liked the basic version more ....
So if you have time and can go with some time decision you can try it out but human characterization has been too simplified ,hope to see much improvement if 3 or 4 th part in the series come out.