A great cRPG that moves away from combat to a more political and sociable landscape. Lots of variety in playing styles.

User Rating: 8.5 | The Guild 2 PC
Stop stabbing and shooting and killing everybody. Though there's still a fair amount of that if you choose to play that way, The Guild 2 is more about scheming in a political and economical sense.

Open an inn, grow crops, brew beer, mine gold and other metals and convert them into armor and weapons. Then sell everything to the masses. Use your riches to influence the people in your local town and maybe you'll end up in a public office - from Guild Master to Mayor to Executioner. Every position comes with pay and some benefits and using those benefits to further your own agenda is what it's all about.

There's even a slight Sims aspect to it (but don't let that put you off) in that the game lets you woo the opposite sex and start a family - after all, someone needs to run the business once you're observing the carrots from below. It's not a case of having to pay attention to their physical needs though so you won't have to worry about pissing yourself while in the courtroom.

The graphics are nice, with the animations looking a bit awkward at times. I put that down to there being so many of them, though. Like with any cRPG that tries to give you the world and allow you to do anything, what you get is quantity not quality - but the quantity makes for a varied and involved game with lots of options. It's a trade-off I'm more than willing to make.

Everybody needs to try this game, even though the tutorial took me more than an 1 hour and after that I still restarted about 3 times. It might need some special attention but the payout, like with any good cRPG, is exponential. With re-playability coming out of it's ears this game is a good investment if you're into this sort of stuff.