Typical Roguelike, unfair - cheats and has idiotic A.I

User Rating: 2 | The Guided Fate Paradox PS3

Honestly, I have to agree with the other review here. This game could have been really great but the massive design flaws and various issues seriously hurt the fun, and make the game ultra frustrating. I would really only recommend this game to hardened Roguelike fans, as like with most RL games - Paradox can be extremely unfair and extremely unforgiving sometimes, and if you die or fail an objective you lose everything - all items, even equipped items which can lead to many resets which ultimately leads to many lost hours, and unfortunately those system resets happen all too often, many times not giving the player any chance of survivability.

The previous review mentioned the trap problem, and its true - you cannot detect traps period, you cannot see them, you have no clue they are there and they are random, and to add insult to injury they also cheat. Consider you walk on every spot in a room, no traps - keep on walking..keep on walking..boom then a trap appears? As I see it, the traps are there just to give your character an extra beat down occasionally, or even potentially killing your character! 2 Earthquake traps side by side anyone?

The A.I in this game is also a travesty, it ranges from blithering idiot A.I for your partner to super computer intelligence for your opponents, you A.I will wake up sleeping monsters, run around attempting to kill everything in sight - jump across gaps to kill monsters and all the time, most likely dying in the process since you can't directly control your partner, just issue several orders which honestly - don't work very good.

Whilst, your opponents work together to create traps, bottlenecks - use abilities and skills to the maximum effect. One prime example is on the 4th wish defending a knight in a large tower network, you have to defend him from 30 or so enemies, you have tower defenses available but for the most part, the enemies keep away from the most critical areas. The knight will only attack monsters which are 1 square away and he will not move, so one of the tricks the monsters do and its a deadly one is to charge the tower and have a mushrooms lead the charge - which have paralyze attacks and even exploded with AoE paralyze when killed, they'll have minotaurs set up guarding mobs which have ranged attacks - so the knight will be attacked at range, whilst you are paralyzed for many turns - then once your able to move, the minotaurs have knockback attacks which can constantly knock you off the tower, and remember here - each movement = 1 turn, so by the time you have climbed back to the tower - you guessed it, game over - the knight is dead - reset the system and waste another hour, and this is just one of the many examples - each dungeon really does require a very careful selection of items to bring along, such as food, healing items and status cures - Lets not even talk about the EX dungeons and how brutal they can be.

Another problem is that your level is reset to 1 each time you start a dungeon, which is par for roguelike - the gimmick for Paradox is that you get to keep 'bonus' stat points for your total level, I have since found that these really play a very small part in the game, they do not really give your character any significant boost, and later really amount to another form of currency when the Total Level vendor appears. The actual gimmick is to burst level your items over and over again which not only makes the item more powerful, each burst also gives skill points to allocate - the obvious major flaw with this system is this becomes a major grind grind grind in order to achieve that all so important overpowered character feeling, if it wasn't so annoying dying countless times and losing all items it would be so bad - I think everyone who has played this game knows the feeling all too well, losing out on a nicely grinded weapon or armor piece.

Increasing bank spaces and even inventory spaces is possible but not easy, the inventory system itself feels very antiquated and often leads to wasting alot of the players time shifting items around so you have the right balance of items and equipment for any particular dungeon type.

Overall, I'm very heavily disappointed with Guided Fate of Paradox, the moe-angel types are fun and cute for about 10 minutes but after that, their attitudes towards 'god' ie the player start to really annoy you. The story of Paradox is okay, whilst I've played many rpgs which have had really great storylines - Paradox is just so/so - it could have been much better if more time had been taken. Disgaea fans will probably enjoy Paradox for a while assuming they can get past the brutal gameplay - Paradox can reward the player if they have enough time and dedication, not to mention willpower to avoid totally dropping the game after countless game restarts but unfortunately I think for the most part, the average player here will most likely hate this game - I started out enjoying the game but the feeling you can get after countless losses and restarts honestly starts to wear down the fun factor and then you start to see how much of a grindfest and boredom inducing gameplay this game truly has, its a shame really - this could have been so much better if they removed all the roguelike features, added the ability to detect traps - made your partner 100x better and overhauled the inventory system.