User Rating: 10 | Goardic Gaiden NES
This is my favorite game of all times, it is a mix of zelda and vertical shooter, and the combination is perfect., just because both parts are even deeper than any game of those 2 genres.

It begins as a vertical shooter it's even harder tahn many modern games, once you mange to pass the first level, you enter a zone where you must explore, get more weapons, upgrades and items and it is as deep as Zelda, then you must retunr to the shooter section wich every time becomes harder.

Now, this is the gameplay wich is perfect, but the graphics are just the best you can find in the NES, and combined with the sound effects and music, then you get the perfect game.

Right now in 2006 games aren't even half deep what this game is

I don't understand why in its time nobody liked, so now its a cult game and it should have its own place among the best games ever.