The BEST game on the NES, one of the best games ever.

User Rating: 10 | Goardic Gaiden NES
So at first I thought "maybe I love this game so much because I played it as a kid and it brings back memories." Many games do. I've bought and played old games I still have on NES and SNES, and some of them live up, some of them don't.

This one does. Big time.

I cannot stress how great of game this is. Everything about it, the story (NES, come on, not much of it, but still decent) music, sound, controls, difficulty. Everything. There isn't anything I don't like about this game.

I can only hope this game gets released on the Virtual Console. But in the mean time, I strongly recommend going to your local flea market or a used game store that still sells old school NES games. The second you see this game you buy it. After you buy it, you order yourself some pizza and a pack of mountain dew because you won't be leaving your room any time soon.

And if you die a few times on the beginning level, deal with it. This was made when games had real difficulty. I beat this when I was 10, so don't wuss out and let a 10 year old best you at it.

I recommend this game to anyone who likes games. And since you're reading this I recommend this to you. This is one of those games that didn't have a huge public presence. Many have never even heard of it. My Mom bought this for me by total chance and it changed my life forever.