Zelda meets Gradius in this epic NES title!

User Rating: 8.9 | Goardic Gaiden NES
Note: All my NES review scores are based on the time that the original game was released.

Gameplay: This game is really innovative. If you took Zelda and Gradius (or any other vertical shooter) and smashed them together, TGL is what you would get! The shooter levels are well done, lots of power ups (which you get in the top-down adventure levels), good sense of speed (at certain times), and of course challenge. The Zelda-ish levels are very well done, there are different keys you need to unlock the shooter levels. Lot's of minibosses to fight through. Solid play control and graphics make this a very fun game.

Sound: The music in this game is AMAZING! If you like other video game music (SMB, Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, etc) be sure to check out this games soundtrack! The sound effects are also well done.

Extras/Unlockables: Well there isn't much here in the way of unlockables (very few NES games had stuff like that). As for replay value, there are lots of weapons to find and power up. Either way the game is fairly long (about 8 hours or so if you try to get everything)