One of the most innovative games I had played on the NES when I was young.

User Rating: 9.5 | Goardic Gaiden NES
I remember when i saw a commercial for Guardian Legend back when i was in 3rd grade. I was so eager to play it because it looked so amazing. Not only did the game meet and exceed my expectations, it became one of my favorite and most cherished games!

Guardian Legend is a shooter / RPG hybrid. The dungeons turn your character into a fighter ship, when will then lead her to fly through and battle a boss at the end, unlocking a new weapon and key. The over world of the game plays a bit like the original Zelda, although it is not as involved.

The music and game play elements of GE were definitely the strongest points, and although the graphics were very appealing and well done, I felt like the music and boss battles were my favorite part of the game.

This game is a must try for any NES owner and fan out there. If you want a new flavor of classic gaming, give GE a try!