Goonies is a great movie. This game - for the NES - was epic in comparison. Mermaids to Scorpions... this game had all.

User Rating: 8.3 | The Goonies II: Fratelli Saigo no Chousen NES
It always confused me as a child. I thought Goonies 2 was the sequel to Goonies the movie - but in fact there is a Goonies (one?) for the NES. Needless to say... somehow this game, based on a movie - got a sequel. Not only a sequel, but one very deep deep game. This game is very challenging. It looks like your classic sidescrolling game at first, but once you advance a little further and start noticing there are places you can't get to yet things start to look futile. For some reason, it takes a while to fully understand this game. First you have your sidescroller part where you have to advance - get items to help you advance - take side paths and so forth. Each area has it's own unique theme, caves, ice areas, lava areas, houses and what not. Then you have doors scattered throughout the game which is where the game takes a turn for the harder. These areas are kind of First person - where you move your cursor around to examine or hit or take objects.Here is where most of the puzzling starts to happen as it takes a lot of time to figure out the things you can do and use the items that you pick up. You can get a hammer that you can use to sometimes put holes in the walls and floor. Other times you can create holes but need to use a hammer to climb through or a rope to climb down. Often times these areas lead to new side scrolling areas and there is a lot of backtracking and experiimentation. The most fun memory I have of this is hitting the people you find to get different reactions. The items you gain in this game are unique. Most are needed to progress but some are just extra to make the game easier. There are shoes that make you run faster or jump higher. There is a helmet you can use to prevent damage from fallnig objects. You can find scuba gear so you can swim.