The Goonies II Cheats For NES

  1. No Health from Konami Man

    Find a secret door with Konami Man and punch him or hit him with the hammer. Now everytime you find him in the game, he says he cant heal you because you hit him.

    Contributed by: DarkIVloon 

  2. Startup Glitch (Japanese Version)

    Turn on the game, hold Select and press Reset. Let go of Select and wait for the demo to start. Once in the demo, wait for Mikey to die and when Momma Fratelli starts to talk, press Start. If done right, you'll start on the same level as the one in the demo. If you want to start on a different level, just wait until the demo starts, press Start or Select to go back to the title screen (before Mikey dies) and wait for the next demo to begin. Repeat the process above to start on that level.

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  3. PRG CRC Test

    At the title screen, hold A+B, and hit start. You'll access a short PRG CRC test.

    Contributed by: PZT 

  4. Hidden Message (Prototype Version)

    When you find the transceiver in the prototype version of the game, enter any door thereafter. Then select "Tools", highlight "Transeiver", and hold Down, A, and B on Controller 2, then press A on Controller 1. A secret message will appear each time you press A.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  5. Demo Passwords

    These passwords will let you start the game with additional items unlocked like in the three demos. All of them are still available in their original locations so you can have more bombs / molotovs than with normal password. Note: "<" is the Left Arrow symbol. Both ' and " are closed bracket.

    D<5 5I<" <99 55<C 2 keys, 1 bomb box
    N<5 5'<Q 5LH <<5S 4 keys, 1 bomb + 1 fire box, Boomerang
    T<5 5"<Y 5<M A<5U 6 keys, 2 bomb + 2 fire boxes, Boomerang

    Contributed by: RonBWL 

  6. Passwords

    Effect Effect
    K'O N248 4SR ''OOS All items and Goonies
    H4O N4(left arrow)(right arrow) '7R 3 ' ' E All Items and No Goonies
    SugNY4wT!NUU!!uF All Items Unlocked (PAL Version)

    Contributed by: schism trace, Land of GameCubes, Swiftshark 

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