PS4 Society! Level 6--- and Courses to check out!

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Platform--- PS4 Name of Society---- The Three Putt Pars Assoc Entry fee ---- 450 (optional) Approx skill level----- We love all of our members!!!

We are a level 5 society and our first season is about to end! I would love to get 30 people from Reddit to join my society so in the next season I can set up Brackets for tournaments! I would love to use different formats for each tournament but that can only be done with participation! Right now we have 15 very active members but we have 24 total! If you want to see your course being played on for the high stakes then this is your society! I am always taking requests for user generated courses!

I also have two courses that have around 80 plays each!!! Check them out please they took me alot of time and effort, I would love to see them become official courses!! Eagle Landing Golf Resort and Whiskey Bent Golf Club. Thanks guys !! add me on ps4 Polish_King_