Just another rubbish film spin-off game which has no decent qualities.

User Rating: 1.5 | The Golden Compass WII
The Good:
Any ideas???!

The Bad:
Button pressing and remote pressing sequences take up pratically the whole game.

Dreadful Value.

Bad camera angels.

Bit babyish.

Very repetitive tasks, usually tricking someone or balancing on a beam.

As Lyra Belaqua you have to save your friend Roger and defeat the Gobblers. People's souls walk along side them. They are called daemons, Lyra is given an Alethiometer which tells the truth. In the game it is called a Golden Compass and seems to float in some liquid when Lyras holding it and the strange music plays in the background. The questions have all got obvious answers and Lyra says the same thing every 5 seconds. You even get to play as an armoured bear about 5% of the time. Even then it is also killing wolves. The combat is badly designed and looks atrocious.

Overall the Golden Compass is a waste of money and a game I can't recommend ot anyone. At least it keeps my little sister busy for five minutes and she only goes to Jordan college so she can hear Lyra screams when Mrs Lonsdale gives her a bath.