Umm, good job my PS3 is near my Bed. Cause im gonna fall asleep if I play this any longer :\

User Rating: 2 | The Golden Compass PS3
I got this game with my PS3 Bundle (there was a choice of either this or Ratatouille so, you know lol), anyway, im just glad I got UNCHARTED aswell. The Golden Compass.
What can I say? Bad graphics, especially for a PS3 and bad Gameplay.
Basicly, your just going around doing these repetative Minigames. Like, move the green ball and dodge the red balls.
Try to catch the Red Balls etc. Very boring.

And the "moving around? gameplay? BOOOOORRIIIIIINNNGGGGGG.
Honestly, if they really thought using the Ferrit to attack things, and to grab hold of it to glide, was really a good idea then boy we're they wrong!

So, yeah.
Don't get this.
PLEASE, save your money for something better lol.

Gameplay: 1.0/10
Sound: 3.0/10
Graphics: 0.1/10
Controlls: 5/10

So, yeah. Don't get it. You can buy alot better than The Golden Compass.