Horrible graphics,broken controls and tedious gameplay. DO NOT PLAY!!!

User Rating: 1 | The Golden Compass PS2
When my gran got this for me (as they do) I knew it would be terrible, but I didnt think it would be this bad.The end of the game serves as the game's tutorial and the first level.You play as a polar bear fighting off packs of wolves.This then goes into tedious button bashing.After that you play as Lyra with her pet animal/deamon called Pan.Pan can change into four different animals, which help to solve "puzzles". You then go on to one of the worst rendered ice caves EVER! It looks like a PSOne game never mind a game in the dying days of the PS2.
A eight or under kid would find it acceptable but anybody else willl hate it.Made solely for the bargain bin.A disaster on all fronts, it insults even movie games.(The voice acting ranges from OK to atrocious,depending who's speaking at the time.) Do not buy.