One of the few reasons why I don't care so much about movie games.

User Rating: 1 | The Golden Compass WII

My 69th review after SoulCalibur II.

Whatever the positive reviews say about this game, don't listen to them because they are just out of their minds. This game is based on the movie and this game is really stupid and boring and very hard and extremely frustrating to beat and I don't understand what was Sega thinking when they decide to make a game based on the movie. The only good thing about this game is at least I get to play as a giant polar bear. This game gets an F--. Here the results:

Voice-acting 8/10 Not much to say but they're like the same voices from the movie.

Game-play 1/10: The busywork is really hard, terrible, and frustrating.

Graphics 4/10: Well, the graphics, not so much...

Controls 2/10: The controls are just plain loose.

Sound/Music 1/10: The sound effects and music are just plain terrible.

Lasting Appeal 1/10: (sigh) This is why I do not care about games based off of movies.

Overall, The Golden Compass the game is not worth your time and money.

The Good:

-At least you'll play as a giant polar bear

The Bad:

-Too much busywork which is boring

-Frustrating game-play because of the objectives

-Sloppy controls and camera

-Terrible sound effects and music

When I was all like "I'm not gonna play this game anymore!", I smashed the disc. Just trust me, if you can't get through this game, you'll want to decide to not play this game anymore. You'll want to vent your anger and destroy this game because it's boring. Do yourselves a favor, stay away from this game. If you didn't see my Superman 64 review, you should check it out in my profile in my recent reviews. OH MY GOD, that game is abysmal! It's 100 times as bad as E.T. for the Atari 2600 and worse than Sonic 2006. That's the end of my review!

The Golden Compass the game gets a 1 out of 10!