Straight back to the shops for me - not my idea of a good game.

User Rating: 1.5 | The Golden Compass PS3
Well, where to begin? Put it this way, this game tries helplessly to be the old traditional Harry Potter games which we all love - but fails. The only reason I bought this game was because of the price, it was cheap, so I got it. Please don't fall into that trap. The only price I would buy this game for now is £1 ($1.66, 1.17 EURO)

The graphics are far from PS3 quality, when I first played on it I began to wonder whether I had picked up the PS2 game by mistake. The storyline is not of great likeness to the film either which annoys me further as that is apparently one of its "key features". The controls are also irritating with the lacking ability to move around the camera, highly annoying when your about to be attacked from behind and don't know it.

The sound is terrible, when Iorek (the polar bear) runs across the snow it sounds more like a horse running across a field, when the characters talk it isn't too bad, but when you look at the screen and see these blank faces staring at the screen with their mouths shuddering you realise that there's not much point in slightly OK sound when the characters look like they've seen a ghost.

Overall, this game seems rushed, unfinished and badly prepared. Another game that promised so much and delivered so little, abysmal in my opinion.