bad grafics hate all the having to hide leaves a dull crappy game

User Rating: 4 | The Golden Compass DS
ok the one fun thing in this game is when u get to jump around a run ands stuff but the rest is just crap

grafics d- bad. leaves are bleak and dont have to much to look at charaets look dull u basically play same lvls over like four times

gameplay c- doest work well has u have control the human girl on the top screen and the little beastie on the bottom screen and when u finally get to use that bear its just alot of button mashing

story b its not a bad story but its just reading it all
u are this chick and u go to the arctic to go save ur uncle form the demions or something its not bad but its from a movie

this is doest work glitchy lots of loading times bad grafics and only redeeming thing is it can be fun to do the some plattforming with the chick while not having to worry about ur stupid pets other then that nothing good
final thought don't get this game