User Rating: 1 | The Golden Compass PSP
For what is this game made for??We should play with Lyra,not with Iorek!And who could have the idea to buy it.Yes,who else,me the fool.So I saying this to anyonw who has bought this,or another Golden Compass,next time visit gamespot and check the Rating or see the icons in the back of the UMD box.And why am I saying that?Because it's not our fault that we pay money for the nothing!My god,each time thos thing has to load,I go to make a sandwich just like Gamespot suggests!And let's not talk about these graphics!I prefer PS1's!About the control?Ok,I will leave the computer if you ask for that!!Oh!the music eh?Whaaaa!It is terrible!Ok,let's take an overall score because I don't want to speak about this foolish thing!If I could choose 0.0 I would chppse it.Very easy and boring.Never think of it again!!!1.0 and Isaid a lot!!!And please never but never but never talk to me about this game.SEGA,I want my money back!!! And if I spent ten hours,it was because of the loadings!!!