What Rivals do you want when there are rivals like this game?

User Rating: 3.5 | The Golden Compass DS
This just a waste of time,if you bought,don't play it,if you din't and you want,don't do it,as waste of time and money!I suggest you forget it!!I really like SEGA games,but this time,SEGA really dissapointed me!This game has more bad things than good!Anyway,to start the review:
The Good things are:
It has alot of adventure,and you use all-3-stars,Iorek,Lyra and Pan.The plot is also good.I am not too impressed but the music I can say is good.
...and the bad things are:
The events go like Ph.Pullman wrote in the book,and not with the turn they go in the movie!The graphics are completely terrible!Even PS1 games have better than these ones!!!The chapters are very big and tiring,as the puzzles are very hard to solve!There are no any bosses expect Ragnar.The checkpoints also appear very rare.
Finished.The overall score for this game 3.5! SEGA really dissapointed me!This game is nothing more than just a failure!Don't even think of buying it!