Fantastic xbox360 game.For,gta fans,or Godfather fans

User Rating: 9 | The Godfather X360
Well,looks like we got our self another gta rip off,but wait this one is pretty damn good.The godfather game pits you as almost a supporting figure of parts of the movie.Like you will be the one who drives the don to the hospital when he gets shot,or you will be the one to take care of a few other things people ask you to do.The game play is very deep,with lots of things to keep you busy,like prize fight,rep to get higher ranks in the family,taking out rival families and of course it would not be a game like this with out extortion.Hey you can even pull hits on people and do people ''special''favors.The game does not have any multiplayer but with great gameplay like this you really do not need it.The only bad thing I can say about this game is the fact that the single player is over before you know it,but atleast you can keep roaming around the city doing stuff for the family,see if you do enough you will become the don of nyc,now how cool does that sound.Oh and sadly the environments are very dull,I know this is set in older times but come on EA you should be able to make them look a little better than this.Any way as you can see the pros highly out weigh the cons in this game so if you like the godfather,or are just looking for a game that you can sink your teeth into this is very much it.