Fun but rather limited.

User Rating: 7 | The Godfather: Blackhand Edition WII
The Godfather, it was first released back on the good old PS2 and Xbox, since then not a lot has changed.
You play as your own created gangster in 1940's New York, following the plot of the film.

To begin with The Godfather seems like a fresh, perhaps even original take on the Gangster genre of games, allowing to create yourself with Mobface, a whittled down version of the EA Sports Gameface, and rise through Don Corleone's ranks to become the Don.
You re-live much of the film with events taking place around you and your gangster having a direct influence on how they happened, however they are never actually at the scene (just close by).
You are given the mass roaming freedom of GTA with the usual mix of do this-do that missions (such as an assassination, or fire-bombing).
You have the fully stealable cars and a crime meter to, obviously, show just how much trouble you are in with the law, the thing with the Wii edition of this game is that it is so darn easy to pick up and play, EA have done a fantastic job on control schemes. It is so easy to pick up and play, this is all layed out in the simple tutorial at the beginning of the game.

The real problem with The Godfather:Blackhand Edition is that is way too much of the same boring action games we see time and time again, the repetitive mission structure, the taking over of territories and the same old civilian/cop killing for random fun/violence/bloodlust. This is a real shame because the Blackhand has some truly great controls and some missions are truly fun to play, but with bad graphics (even the Wii can do better than this) easy gameplay and the same repetitive structure that we see al the time its just too difficult to merit The Blackhand Ediion for being an outstanding game, its just another middle class action game.