Are you The REAL Godfather? Come on now You can tell Me.

User Rating: 8.6 | The Godfather XBOX
The story steps all around and through the movie to fit in your character and you fight through 4 other Families and the cops to take over control of all of NYC to become the Don of New York City.

The Map has 5 cities (Brooklyn, Little Italy, New Jersey, Hell's Kitchen, and Midtown) that are full of crime and businesses and warehouses for you to take over and most have rackets that you need to control as well (Like brothels, casinos, and bootlegging) to call that property yours.

As far as the gameplay goes, it kept me interested for 27 hours. There really isn't much to do after 100% completion. At first I wasn't really happy with the graphics of the game but it made up for that in gameplay. One thing I really want to pick at is that the game wants you to feel that the cities and people are a living breathing thing like an operating city. But everyone and everything is just the same everywhere. The businesses you are to control maybe in a different town but the buildings are all the same.

And the one thing that really ticks me off is that you have to quit the game and re-load to change your outfit and hair. Why can't you just simply go to the barber or to the tailor? Those are some of the businesses you have to control.

There are only 7 different types of cars and you can only drive 6 of them! There is a big rig kind of supply truck that you can not drive, so you won't be able to live out that gangster who drives a supply truck to work guy, sorry.

Hope you like to drive a lot because some times it takes 3-5 minutes to get to your objective. At the end of the missions you'll be directed all over the map like crazy. I suggest stealing a police car to drive from city to city it makes it a whole lot easier with the sirens.

Ok I've pointed out a lot of bad things and thats what I do, but there are lots of good things as well. There are execution styles with your fighting and shooting and they are pretty neat to see.

The explosions in the game are really good with life like fire. Just shooting people with all your different kinds of guns is neat. The Story is awesome and I can see EA making more Godfathers. I hope the 360 version is better looking and faster paced.

One other bad thing about the game is that all the characters in the movie, even the ones that have a small roll, look and sound just alike in game as they do in the movie. Except for Micheal, Al Pacino's character. For some reason theres no Pachino! Also when you finally become the Don it never explains where is Michael? Did we kill him? of course not then there would be no sequels, but where did he go?

Hmmmm, Well theres always the upcoming Scarface. Which is due out sometime before Christmas.

I'm gonna say that this one is a rental, due to the fact that it takes only 20-30 hours to complete 100% vs. GTA I logged around 70+ Hours.


And that there is no Multi-Player or any reason to keep playing after 100% Completion, like GUN.

I was thinking about buying the 360 version but I'm just gonna rent it.

I'm giving the XBOX Version a 8.6