An enthralling, stylish classic, just like the movie

User Rating: 9.2 | The Godfather PS2
This game is incredible, and before you play it, I would highly recommend that you watch the movie first. This is easily the greatest game based on a movie ever to be made. Many scenes are played out from the movie where "someone" has carried out an important task, and guess who that someone turns out to be? It's so cleverly done, and it makes you smile every time. Yes, you could call it a GTA clone, although I think that would be slightly unfair, as The Godfather definitely has very much it's own style and atmosphere. In the game you will start off at a basic level doing basic tasks for the Corleone family, but as you progress you will be promoted and be given more meaningful tasks. Whilst carrying out the main storyline missions, you will have the option to (and have to) take over businesses which are currently being extorted by the four rival families in the game. This is a really fun part of the game, where you have to kill the rival family goons and then try to "persuade" the owner of the establishment to see things your way. There are also hit contracts which you can carry out throughout the game, which are also really fun to do, and rackets, warehouses and hubs to try and take over. There are places you can buy ammo, guns, upgrade guns, and you can bribe the police and even the FBI. This is one of those games where I tend to only play it a bit at a time to make it last longer, because I don't want it to end. You simply have to watch the movie The Godfather first, then play the game.

Gameplay - 9 - The gameplay is absolutely fine in my opinion, can't fault it really.

Graphics - 8 - The graphics are really good, but there is the odd little problem here and there. Still, it's nothing major.

Sound - The sound is great and the music, well does anything need to be said about The Godfather music?

Value - Definitely lots of value here, lots to do, free roaming, I for one will be playing through this game again and again.