Very fun shooting mechanics, but doesn't quite touch the GTA series

User Rating: 8.6 | The Godfather PC
THE GOOD: the graphics are surprisingly impressive, and it captures the old 1930's new York perfectly. its all also extremely fun taking over rackets and businesses which increase your monthly income by a small fee, however there are around 150 of them so if you take all of them you'll get a colossal amount of money straight to your pocket, speaking of money, it is almost essential to have some money in your pocket ,as you need it to buy safe houses, avoiding gang wars, hospital fees, and bribing cops. it is good to have decent weapons before going into a fire fight aswell, as you will quickly find out that going into a warehouse with a pistol is not the smartest of things you can do, it adds a sense of tactics to the game ,as you'll need the right weapon for the job, also the use of cover is essential for survival, as you can back up against just about object in the game. you can also (if you have about $500,000) buy some of the best weapons in the game, there are 3 levels of each type of gun (eg. handgun) level 3 is the most powerful, but costs an arm and a leg, even if a person drops a level 1 gun you will get the level 3 gun you paid for, this is a welcome feature in the game ,but doesn't play a huge part.

THE BAD: the cars feel to arcadey, and don’t handle as you would expect them too, the game is very original but there isn't really much to do, once the main story is over there isn't much else to do. it doesn't quite match the GTA series, as they have tons of side missions mini games, and country side.

OVERALL: lots of corruption, death , and blood, but there’s not really that much to it