Could be better, a patche is welcome

User Rating: 7.1 | The Godfather PC
I'd like to avoid repetition in reviews so I will stick to the most important stuff. I love the way "your" character is implemented into the original storyline. And the story itself, voice acting is just exceptional. EA used as much Godfather esence as it possibly could.
In the PC version the controls are bad. In shootings, I died too many times, just because the auto-aim aimed at a different person and free-aim does not really work because it is hopelessly slow.
The car handle more like boats not like cars, a tiny adjustment to the direction of travel and the car often turns violently with you ending up on the sidewalk hitting several pedestrians.
The map is all weird and hard to navigate around, although I liked the idea of having names on the streets displayed under the mini-map.
Graphics are great, although the cars could be more detailed and on my PC version there is a glitch that the wheels of the cars seem to be beneath the road surface. And it is too dark in the game!
Overall, I wanted this game to be really great but it really isn't. But still worth playing.