If you ever, and I mean ever, have an extra $30-$40 laying around this is how you should spend it.

User Rating: 9.2 | The Godfather PC
Many of you would think that the Godfather the game would just be a cheesy impression of the movie. Well it's not. It also isn't a cheesy GTA look alike. No, it's something much better.

It starts off as a great game. Giving you a choice to play the prelude or not. While not playing the prelude may give you a hard time to understand the game it can be lived without. After that's over with, the main story starts. You see all the great characters from the movies. Luca Brasi, Tom Hagen, Sonny, Fredo, and Michael Corleone, Virgil Sollozzo, and of course Vito Corleone a.k.a. The Godfather. After you play for about 20 minutes you start to get a curve for the game. You know when to crouch and when to reload. You know when the A.I. is going to come rushing at you and when they are going to just stand there and take a bullet to the head. You start to get into the game which is hard to do with some, like Half-Life 2 where you're always edgy that something's going to come out of the ground.

Now the graphics are a different story. Some people complain about them and mark that they "suck". I strongly disagree, not because I'm writing a review on the game but because I believe that a video game should be judged fully by the content as a whole and not separate parts. One minor tweak that gets kind of annoying is when you hand the money to an FBI agent, Luca, or a cop it disappears for a second then reappears in your partners hand.

The sound is perfect. Sometimes there's a lapse but other than that it goes perfectly with the game. It changes to a low pitched bass when someone sees you and when they're "taken care of" it switches to a more calm type of sound.

The value is excellent. It is totally worth $30-$40 dollars. Trust me.

Rent or Buy
I suggest rent then buy if you don't think that it's just another GTA wanna-be.