SnaggleTeef Youtube channel now has The Forest playlist!

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Started a new Youtube playlist and my first choice? The Forest! Its my first time Making youtube vids and thoughts, tips, constructive critisism is all welcome! Also looking for an intro! Maybe someone is skilled in the ways of Making Let's play intro's for Youtube? Either way let me know what you guys think! All the info will be within the video! I know you guys will like it! These are my videos and I created them, I approved this message.

I introduce new characters every new season/playlist, Snaggle and Vlad are my only guys right now and all voice acted by me. I use a 3-D face capturing software to make intro's and outro's to my vids! I haven't really seen anyone do this yet so I believe it to be a fresh new look on some lets play footage! Go and check it out!

Playlist is up to 10 vids! Go check them out, I must say that Vid 10 is the most exciting so far! Trying out new recording software and adding other games to my arsenal! Go check out Alien Isolation as well!

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New update for The Forest today! Looking forward to the fixes and updates! Ready to kill me some canibals!