The Flintstones: BurgerTime in Bedrock Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Level Passwords

    Enter the following icons at the password screen

    Effect Effect
    Fly, Blue Dinosaur, Gazoo, Snaggletooth Level 2
    Alligator, Alligator, Snake, Gazoo Level 3
    Frog, Fly, Snake, Gazoo Level 4
    Alligator, Snaggletooth, Snaggletooth, Snake Level 5
    Gazoo, Dinosaur, Fly, Crocodile Level 6

    Contributed by: Nivrae 

  2. Stage Select

    From the Main Menu, choose Password and enter the following:

    Effect Effect
    Green Dinosaur On Four Legs, Brown Animal, Green Alien, Blue Dinosaur Stage Select

    Contributed by: Mezmorize99