Awesome historic game with great game play and actions

User Rating: 7 | The First Templar PC
This particular game of all the historic action is pretty good but the story line is not so catchy as it meant to be according top the name but the quest in the game are quite boring and time taking especially if you are going for all the costumes and bonus objectives. The bonus part is very time consuming as it create a mystery but not that much so that you can actually go for them & as with the game play it is awesome the actions and the stealth mode and stuff its mind blowing and the part with the duels is most challenging. the ending is good to actually judges you which ending do you want is good to have such endings where one can ask him/herself that what hoe is thinking and the mysteries of the main objective are awesome is actually drags your mind in he beginning but as the game advances you get use to it. The game is boring in the middle part which forces you to take a break form it.but all over its JUST PLAIN FUN where you can find action, drama , mystery, skill & thought process.