The First Templar is a fun game that you can pick up for cheap compared to some other game's.

User Rating: 7.5 | The First Templar X360
The First Templar

Publisher: Kalypso
Developer: Haemimont
Platform: Xbox 360
Rated: Teen
Released: May 17, 2011

The visuals in The First Templar are not great in any stretch but for the price of this game you should not except much visually out this game and even though the visuals seem a little bit dated but some the detail's in most of the environments were not bad and I did not experience any frame rate issues which is a good thing and here is another thing that I liked about this game is the environment's and that they were not copy and pasted and in some of the areas of this game I expected it but I assure you that was not the case in most of the environments like in the ares like the underground caves of Acre and in the chapter in the temple of the nine I expected it to be the same down every corridor but it did look different, which is always a good thing cause you don't always get that in some of the triple A titles now a days, so this game had pretty good environments in this game even though they were a little dated. Now the detail to the character's were alright and is nothing to great but for this game they were just right and the detail to the main character's were decent tey were nothing great to look and a bit dated but it just went well together in this game. So in short for the visuals and that they are just good but they are not bad they are just simply good.

The audio for The First Templar are ok and they are not bad either, but the voice acting was decent and at time's they were great and at other time's they were just a bit shotty and dimmed at time's, so basically the voice work was great but the sound on it was not, so the voice work was just plain ok. The music and the musical score was pretty good and was probably the best part of the audio and in fact it was and the timing with the music just perfectly in every moment and the tone of the music changed when you go from walking or running down the path ways to letting you know you might have to take a couple of enemies down and so on. The sound effect's for the the combat is pretty decent and the sound of a sword or an arrow from an archer hitting the shield on your character or when hitting an enemy shield, the sound effect's were pretty good. So in short the audio for The First Templar was just plain good.

Now the gameplay for The First Templar is pretty good and I'll be honest and at first I thought this game was a action-adventure/ hack and slash game and when I went to buy this game and read the cover and saw the quote from offcial xbox magazine and they pointed out that it was a action rpg and well it was, it played like an action rpg that was done right and the combat was a great mixture between The Assassin's Creed series and the Fable series but not as immersive as them was not open world like them either and the counter system combat was almost like the AC series and a bit similar to the Fable series and I thought it all did well for this game and the leveling system was pretty straight forward and was simple to use and was good. Now you can play this game with local and on-line co-op which is a cool thing for this game and if you don't want to play with a friend at home or one on-line or even if you don't want to play co-op with any one at all, the friendly A.I is pretty good it can take of it's self and that is really great because you do not have to baby sit him or her and with that said you start this game with a male companion and then later on in the game you will have a female companion and then you will switch back with male companion for couple of mission's and then switch back again for the rest of the game. This game should run you about 12 to 15 hours of gameplay the story is not that long but if you go for all the achievements then you'll get another 12 to 15 hour's or so of gameplay. Their are some some boss battle's in this game but they're called duel's. So in short for the gameplay in The First Templar it just fine and you will have some fun with this game.

So the overall point for The First Templar is for a price of $49.99 it is worth checking out with alright visuals, a decent audio and the gameplay that is fun you can't really go wrong it's not a bad at game all and it's worth picking up.

7.5 out of 10