Rent it first.

User Rating: 5.5 | The First Templar X360
Swallow and innovative-less. Graphics do not match today's standards. Quite repetitive but right if you just want to hack and slash for a while without squeeze your brain. Not too good / Not too bad improvement skills tree.
Maybe you'll find that do not match your expectatives, but it seem to be a arcade saloon game with some RPG elements to avoid you to fell fast in a boring state.
You can change between the 2 characters at any moment, that helps to vary your fighting style but diferences between classes are swallow and sometimes imperceptibles.
I think there is other options in your game shop, but If you like an simple and easy game and like slash enemies with your sword, maybe you'll like it.

a Casual game, for playing while your girlfriend/boyfriend y making-up or having a shower.