Worth playing , or why a low budget game deserves a chance.

User Rating: 7 | The First Templar PC
As it says in the title the game is made using low budget . At the second the actual playing starts anyone can momentarily see what I mean the game obviously has a good modeling but the graphics and the movements are awfully wood-like your character moves as if he'd swallowed a cane , and yet i give it 7.0 why is that ?

The answer is very simple actually , excluding the fact you move kind of funny and the fact that the closest thing to detail on your character you want to see will be 8 - bit textures the game is so well made in terms of story and character development that it's definitely one of my favorites of that kind of games . The story line is fluent it doesn't jump over and it explains both your and your companions and enemies stories , it follows a very nice intrigue that takes a rather interesting turn around at the last 2 chapters , but I'm not going to spoil it . The difficulty of the game is almost the perfect one for a casual gamer and the game takes about 10-12 hours to finish, again for a casual gamer .
There is a lot of collectibles to be found some you are shown where to find others you can't find unless you really look for them .
There is a fair amount of armors and weapon sets you can change on each character and a wide variety( for an action based none RPG game ) of passive and active abilities and depending on which you choose to level up you can excel early at damage or defense also what i liked was that you can block only when you are facing the enemy that is trying to hit you , you can also roll on the ground if you are knocked down before standing up , so you can dodge an incoming attack . Also the game controls are very intuitive they take 15 minutes to get used to and about an hour to master .

So what now for the pros and cons of the game :

Pros : The story is very nice very widely developed and looked at from a lot of angles which results in a fascinating experience while playing the game and gets you willing to see what happens further, lots of abilities , nice animations on some special moves and an actually good AI on your companion that actually kills opponents and helps you rather than do nothing , also some nice traps and lever puzzles ( puzzle is actually a bit to much to say but i cant think of a better word since they are simple yet nice ). Also there is a possibility for stealth kills although it's only 1 way you can do it it's still nice to be able to , as it is nice that you are able to man a catapult or as they use the french word "trebuchets" .You can also use some traps to kill enemies that are coming at you by activating them at the right time which is also nice ( the fact that traps work as good on enemies as they do on you ) .

Cons : As i said graphics are sort of bad and the movement of your character isn't top quality , what i didn't like about the special moves is that they only seem to happen when you got 1 enemy left and mostly when he's on low health , and most importantly you have no control over them at all ( except for the move where you can stab a knocked opponent ) the rest may or may not happen i think it's IF you're lucky they do , IF not you go on until they do . Also i expected to see some more blood, I mean when you cut someone or stab him you expect to see blood but there is nothing to be seen some of your opponents don't shed a single drop of blood and others bleed so little that it seems like you've cut their finger not their throat .
And there was this one special move animation that I'm guessing was supposed to chop off the enemy head which never happens it's more like you brake his neck rather than slicing something off .

So if you are wondering if you should buy the game or not , I'm going to tell you : If you enjoy a good story with acceptable graphics and movements you should buy the game , but if you want good story with excellent graphics and human-like moves with realistic effects then you should probably rent it if possible.