Decent only to pass the time,with a few good moments

User Rating: 5 | The First Templar PC

The First Templar is a game that tries to do something that many games have already done before,and in some it succeeds but in others it fails rather miserably.

The First Templar as an action hack'n'slash game follows the classic formula,linear levels,lots of enemies you have to beat to reach the end. The thing that lacks here is a well developed combo system. You have some basic role playing elements, and some attacks you can learn and improve, but nothing seems to be much stronger than your basic combo. What is good on the other hand, are execution moves which at times are quite spectacular.Traps are unfortunately done really badly and most of the time brutal to the point where you will run straight trough them because you know you will survive,but unfortunately right before the end of the game there is a trap sequence that will brutally test you nerves and perseverance.

On the other hand,the game does present a rather interesting story, which sadly at one point starts to unnecessarily drag on. The story of a Templar in search of The Holy Grail may seem typical but the twist,at least for me,seems unexpected and quite a surprise,but after it the game leads into some unnecessary fighting and filler, leading up to an end that does put forward an interesting philosophical question for you to think about long after you have finished the game.

Graphically, the game offers some nice areas, but most of them are pretty bland and generic.The characters are well animated,but their faces show distinct lack of emotion no matter what they talk about.The dialogue and voice acting are pretty good, with authentic accents,but the background music is very repetitive and bland.

This is a game I have pretty mixed feelings for,on one hand it does bring a good story into a genre not known for it, but lacks good action,and after the story starts to drag on,you just want it to end,and it is pretty long by today's standards(about 12 hours).If you don't know what to play,this is a game you could check out,but with a little bit of reserve and caution.