I got it to exercise and have fun at the same time, so far I am not disappointed. Some accuracy problem so far.........

User Rating: 9 | The Fight: Lights Out PS3
I cannot say much right now, because I just got the game today, but I did play it for over 3 hours. I felt my muscles being worked out, and it felt great. What I meant of "accuracy problem" is that the game is not responding correctly to my movements (punches). For instance, when I hit with my right arm it is fine, but when I follow that punch with another one using my right arm it does not go well, not too accurate. Yet, I do not know why this is, may be I need to get used to the game or may be I have to check the lighting or the calibration. Another thing is, I thought the game will be too easy, in fact it is a little hard, which is good because this increases my anger level therefore the sweat and adds more challenge.

One thing "Game Spot", how come you guys gave this game this low rating, the game is amazing so far.

You get to customize your character, use your own playlist and probably more things for me to discover.