The Fight: Lights Out Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Have a lot of people bet on you and win Bank
    Knock out 10 opponents while grabbing Bear
    Reach top rank in an online tournament Champ
    Knock out 10 opponents with the Hammer fist punch Clubber
    Knock out 10 opponents with a spinning move Dizzy
    Survive a lot of rounds of Endurance sparring Dynamo
    Reach top rank in an online tournament, and defend your spot 5 times Everlasting
    Win a lot of online bets Highroller
    Reach a really high rank Legend
    Knock someone out really fast Lightning
    Win a fight with less than 5% health remaining Lucky
    Win all trophies Maniac
    Upgrade your skills a lot Master
    Make a lot of money Money
    Nail all the career events Nails
    Complete all the career events Prodigy
    Stun an opponent 6 times, and then win the match Punisher
    Win 10 ranked matches in a row Rampage
    Throw 25 punches in 15 seconds, landing more than 50% of them Rush
    Win a fight using only clean moves Saint
    Win a fight using less than 30% clean moves Sinner
    Defeat an opponent with 50% higher rank Slayer
    Win a fight with a hit percentage above 95% Surgeon
    Get stunned 6 times, but win the match Survivor
    Take a lot of damage Tank
    Land a really, really hard hit Thunder
    Win a match with more than 99% health remaining Untouchable
    End someone's 5+ ranked online victory streak Upsetter

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