Does Fancy Pants has what it takes to be with the consoles?

User Rating: 7.5 | The Fancy Pants Adventures X360
Playing the original online i didn't expect much from the console version. I like being caught by surprise and this one got me.Not really a big story to it but hey it's a downloadable game so what do you expect. The gameplay is easy to get into. I like the art style in this game. I like when you go super fast in some levels. The level design is good and I would love playing them over again. There's a lot to collect. The co op is fun to play with and sometimes me and my friend would race each other just for the heck of it. To bad there's some problems. When your in combat with an enemy I feel it's just boring. Sometimes you have to be precise on platforming parts which got me frustrated. Overall I find it a very good downloadable title and just for ten bucks. You'll be going back to this game and just be playing through the fun levels over and over again.