Simply great fun. Haters are gonna hate for the childish art style, but it fits the game well and isn't really for kids.

User Rating: 9.5 | The Fancy Pants Adventures X360
I have been a fan of Fancy Pants flash games for a long time now, and playing it on Xbox Live Arcade is a truly great experience. Solid, smooth... REALLY smooth gameplay, easy learning curve with great controls, and a humorous and fun plotline. Brilliant level design in every aspect as well. Those who say this game is too easy only say that because they haven't REALLY played the game. The most fun, addiction, and challenge comes out of trying to 100% this game by finding all of the collectibles, stars, squiggles, etc. Also, the arcade challenges following the levels are extremely challenging for attempts at gold stars. Not to mention the cosmetic changes (different pants, hats, and weapons). The new cosmetic unlocks and the new weapon are very welcome, and a fun addition. A great game, highly underrated, and unfortunately not well known enough to have a big name, but far beyond worth the $10 I spent on it.
Addition to previous review:
It's been a while since I've played a game that's just solid, pure fun. Most games try to jampack too much into it, or the community tries too hard to abuse every flaw. (Call of Duty, Sports game glitchers, etc.)
This game was the first game that I actually feel like I was having real fun with since Portal, and I really appreciated it. I had to go through the trouble of explaining this to explain why I gave this such a high rating. Ratings aren't about technical skill of the game, how flashy and fancy it is, but how FUN it is.